About Me

Having tried several different careers, (fashion model, dancer, air stewardess), and in my early thirties, I discovered a latent yet powerful desire to sing.

I bought a piano and studied voice technique in London with Marion Studholme, Gerardine Arthur and Rita Hunter, starting initially with a classical repertoire and gaining performance experience in Opera Workshop Companies (Royal Opera House, Mayer-Lissmann Opera Centre).

Realising that this still wasn’t quite the right path to follow I moved to Ibiza, Spain in 1995, and started to experiment fusing classical and electronic music, branching off into chill-out/ethno/lounge and I developed my writing to include many songs and poems as well as some children’s stories.

I have performed at most of the main venues in Ibiza and at some of the most infamous parties such as Manumission where I was one of the first artists to mix classical and electronic music.

I’ve collaborated on a songwriting project with DJ Taucher (Millenium Bitch) which reached number nine in the dance charts in Germany and I’ve had songs included on several compilations including: Techno Nation 1 (sold more than 67,000 copies), Webster Hall Chillin’ in IbizaCafé Oriental 6, Eclipse

I’ve given recital concerts with repertoires as diverse as music from musical theatre and filmrenaissance and traditional folk music, as well as art-songs from the 20th century.  

I’ve had several students of voice technique over the years, some of whom have gone on to have international careers; Angela Cervantes and Bahramji for example and I’ve collaborated with composer/producer/artist Chris Le Blanc as co-lyricist on tracks such as Beyond the Sunsets (Karma Loft) and You put a Spell on Me (L’art Mystique).

More recently, I studied Music Technology at level 2, Audio Recording Skills at Level 1 and Studio Production.  I’ve created a production suite in my loft apartment in Chesterfield and released a debut EP called DESTINATION in 2018 and an album called INTENSE WORLD in 2019. Both are widely available for streaming and digital download. Many tracks from the EP and Album have been played on several radio stations worldwide.

I created original music for the 2019 Kiss My Fairy campaign video https://shamankaphoenix.com/production/ and  I debuted DESTINATION at the Tramlines Festival in Sheffield (July 2018) at a Fringe Venue; The Mulberry Bar.

During 2019, I produced and presented a radio show called


on Radio Matlock and on Artefaktor Radio.

Currently, I’m rehearsing a live show with guitarist Chris McMahon and looking for suitable venues to perform our set of heritage folk songs as well as my original compositions. I’m also producing songs and continuing to add to my production and recording knowledge and ability.

I’m open to all types of artistic and production collaboration.